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How to preserve and self-service 3D printers

The 3d printer is an essential and essential assistant in rapid prototyping, playing a very important role in production and fine arts. On the market today, most consumers tend to choose 3D printers FDM instead of 3D printers with DLP, SLA technology, ... However, depending on the purpose of use, users will choose for themselves a machine 3D printing FDM or DLP / SLA accordingly.

cách bảo quản và tự bảo dưỡng máy in 3d

Therefore, a thorough grasp of some requirements during use as well as maintenance and self-maintenance of the 3d printer not only makes the machine always work well, prolongs its life, but also saves costs when use the machine.

Location where the machine is located:

Put in a flat, well-ventilated place, cables must be neat, out of reach of children.

Keep the machine away from direct sunlight to avoid material warping during operation.

Cleaning the machine:

You should clean the dust stuck to the inside of the machine about once a month. The printer should be kept clean so that it always works well. Regularly check the nozzle. When you see dirt, the printed plastic should be cleaned. In addition, users should avoid keeping the printer shut down for too long, at least once a week for the printer.

Tense the belt once every 6 months, cleaning the injector after each use.

Apply grease regularly to make the machine operate smoothly and smoothly.

Cách bảo quản và tự bảo dưỡng máy in 3d

At the same time, choosing 3D printing materials is also quite important in preserving and self-maintaining 3D printers. Because buying poor quality plastic not only clogs the nozzles but can damage the printer at any time. Therefore, according to manufacturers, users should choose to buy printing plastics with good quality.

Do not leave the printed plastic in the air or exposed to the sun for too long will dry and brittle the plastic.

Advice from Smart Design Labs.

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